A new sock yarn

I’ve returned to real life and knitting today following the tv spot adventure.  It felt good to pick up the sock-in-progress and knit a few rounds as I enjoyed my first cup of coffee in the quiet, early morning light. The socks have been waiting patiently, as knitting projects do, maybe even appreciating being left alone for a while after all the excitement. The first sock is done, and I’m working the gusset decreases on the second, using two circular needles. I walked the socks to a small urban park created from materials salvaged when a bus transit mall was relocated.  They were a bright spot on an otherwise grey, wet day in the Northwest. Click on the image below to see them in more detail.

The yarn was a new one to  me: Nashua Handknits “Best Foot Forward” sock yarn, designed by Kristin Nicholas.  And it was love at first sight, even before I knew who designed it. I’ve always loved her choice and use of colors , from her early ethnic-patterned Classic Elite socks to the darling lamb sweaters she recently displayed on her blog,” Getting Stitched on the Farm.”   My socks are made in the color #7333 Plum Harvest.  Next, I’m going hunting for some #7336, Kilim, or maybe #7331 Blueberry Field, but then what about  #7329 Autumn?  What a wonderful problem for a sock knitter—all the colors are absolutely beautiful!

This yarn makes for very satisfying social sock knitting! And, yes, Jane was impressed, as is everyone on first seeing what can be done with self-striping yarns! They’re so much fun for sock knitters, from beginners to the most experienced.

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