Thankfully the holidays are finally over

Yes, I did finish the socks for my son, the last holiday 2010 commitment waiting to be fulfilled. While his feet aren’t nearly as large as the size 13 feet of his 20 year old son (and my oldest grandson), they are big enough because they are size 11 with deep ribbing and long legs. These are the first socks I’ve made from Cascade “Heritage” handpaint sock yarn and I like the yarn. In the picture below, they seem brighter, more blue than they really are. I used color 9922 which to me reads very taupe/grey/some blue and lavender—subdued and fairly low contrast.

Matt's 2010 Holiday Socks

And rather than beating myself up about being so late, I’m actually feeling very good because I see from my iPhoto gallery (cameras don’t lie…) that I didn’t take a picture of his Regia black and taupe marl holiday 2009 socks until April 4th, 2010. So, things are looking up.

I don’t even want to think about when I must have finished his 2010 Valentine’s Day socks—-which didn’t happen this year. And, yes, I’ve finished the “Berlin Book Tour Sock.” The geometric leg design is reminiscent of the Monument to the Murdered Jews, the colors are those I saw again and again in Berlin, and the little bands of red with small squares of gold remind me of the brass (or were they bronze??) plaques that had been placed in the cobblestone walks in front of the homes of Jews who had died in concentration camps. It was very moving to see them everywhere.

And now, the “Berlin Book Tour Socks”:

I really didn’t have to remind myself — but I did anyway. Berlin is an amazing city to visit. I hope to return someday.

This year I want to make Matt’s socks early, maybe give them to him on Thanksgiving and then give him his Valentine’s Day 2012 socks on Christmas. Now, on to making some socks for my DDIL Renee. She picked out the yarn for them while we were in Berlin. And the yarn she picked out tells me she saw what I did in Berlin: black tweed with small flecks of red and other bright colors!

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